clearing karmic records

Yoga Blog, Kosmic Life, Aug 2008

Think about it, one wrong meal leaves a long lasting mark on your physique and psyche. One has to undergo physical detoxification, extended workouts and nature walks to shed the physical and psychological damage done by indulgent eating. If a single physical act can lead to a chain of events, imagine how what havoc a thought can cause! Consider the repercussion of your thought content, and you would shiver to imagine how many ripples it can create. Good or bad -– it is all karma -– material that keeps you bound to the chain of actions and reactions. Though karma is mostly interpreted to mean one’s actions, it is more accurately understood as thought, because Page 1 of 9 » Clear Up Your Karmic Records 3/12/13 12:59 PM thought is the instigator of action. At a deeper level still, it is intent that gives rise to thought. Thus, when one seriously contemplates upon ways to escape the karmic matrix and halt the vicious cycle of cause and effect, one has to watch out for one’s intent very carefully. The first step is being watchful, aware and cognizant of what is transpiring in your head and heart! The second step is a step of purification, wherein one negates the dark intent by good intent, and thinks thoughts and does deeds that promote a sense of peace and well being for one and all. The final step is to distance oneself from even good thought and intent! As Lord Krishna says in The Bhagavad Gita, “Then, regarding as alike pleasure and pain, gain and loss, victory and defeat, you shall not incur sin.”