Yoga B log, DNA, April 2005

Truth has enormous courage. When you are by its side, you are enormously strong. Contrarily, in the camp of untruth, no matter how many weapons you gather, how many feats you perform, how many accolades you receive, your foundation is extremely fragile, and your rewards immaterial. You are fickle and very weak. Your confidence is nothing but disguised arrogance. When you are in the wing of falsehood, on the surface the going may appear good, but you have no clue that with one whiff of a whimsical breeze, your confidence can be reduced to rubble. Like Ravana, you may succeed in acquiring many boons, but finally you will be overthrown by the symbol of righteousness, Lord Rama. Choose to stand for truth. Oppose and destroy all that is inconsistent and contrary to righteousness in your own purpose. Rise actively against all forces that seek to destroy your inherent goodness. Be by the side of integrity, have virtue as your comrade. Then no wind of fate shall ever take away from you what you rightly deserve. Now you need no longer protect your interest, for now the heavenly angels labour to defend your good. To decide what to desire and what to reject, what is righteous, what is true, one must decide what is asatya or falsehood. Our scriptures outline strict avoidance of all exaggerations, pretense, equivocation, misappropriation of any kind, grabbing things that do not rightfully belong to us. They request us to be at peace with ourselves, gradually eliminate undesirable tendencies, and keep the tenacity to do good work. Understand that it is untruth that creates complications, confusions, clouds intuition and curbs spontaneity. By abiding in truthful pure intellect, we attract creativity and fulfilment. Practise and adhere to it. Hone it as a fine art aimed at greater refinement with each passing day. Know that when you are aligned with your personal truth, you are aligned with the universe. Your actions now reflect divine will.

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